• 11:00 - 01:30   Healthy lifestyle promotion – a new role for the fitness and physical activity industry


    COVID-19 is the pandemic that is occupying the global health community, but there are three other pandemics that are at least as deadly. These three have been around for a long time, are slower, much slower and are very predictable. These health assassins have been clearly identified by the WHO as overweight / obesity, diabetes and inactivity and each cause 7 to 9 times as many deaths as Covid-19 annually. This comparison does not detract from the severity of corona virus, but does clearly indicate that we are dealing with a much larger non-communicable disease, multi-pandemic.

    Is it possible to challenge all four pandemics with one strategy? A healthy lifestyle, with physical activity at the heart of that lifestyle, is the solution we crave. The wonder drug providing the resilience we need to resist the impact of life-threatening viruses and to prevent and manage the complications of sedentary lifestyles.

    This webinar is an acknowledgement of the value of healthy, active lifestyles and an insight into the solutions that are being instigated around Europe to promote these healthy lifestyles. How can we disseminate the right messages to communities who, as a result of Covid-19, are now more receptive to these messages than ever before. Where will the necessary army of healthy lifestyle promoters or health champions come from? How will they work within a health sector-led preventative strategy and how will they best communicate their message of hope for a healthier, happier life?


    • Julian Berriman, EuropeActive

    • John van Heel (New Health Project, Netherlands)

    • Colin Huffen (CIMSPA, UK)

    • Alfonso Jimenez (GOfit Lab, Spain)

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